Workshop on Transboundary issues in marine spatial planning



WKTBIMPWKTBIMPTrueHAPISGWorkshop on Transboundary issues in marine spatial planning

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The aim of the workshop is to identify the key transboundary issues that can undermine collaboration and coordination efforts to address them through marine/maritime spatial planning initiatives. The workshop will examine examples of transboundary processes that was used to address transboundary issues through the respective legislative frameworks of each jurisdiction involved as well as stakeholder processes.

In marine planning, transboundary issues depend on the policy context, such as environmental or development management concerns. Expressed through conventions and legislation, the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive is a notable example of an environmental policy that established good environmental status as the ultimate goal of managing human activities and their pressures through a programme of measures. In contrast, the EU Maritime Spatial Planning Directive is an example of a development policy that establishes sustainable economic growth, development of marine areas and use of marine resources as the goals spatial and temporal apportionment of human activities to reduce conflicts and address health and safety concerns.

Within the scope of these directives, however, environmental and development transboundary issues are very much delineated by the jurisdictional boundaries of states within a planning area that can encompass multiple jurisdictions as in the case for European regional seas. Issues outside the jurisdictional boundaries, as defined by the United Nations Convention on the law of the sea (Convention), are environmental and development issues between the flag states of the human activities occurring in the high seas understanding that there are not conventions for planning activities of flag states in the high seas.​

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