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WKOUTVME - Azores Questionnaires

​​​​​​​​​​Please find a link to the WKOUTVME questionnaires for the Azores region below. There is one for fishers and one for all other types of stakeholders. 

If you are not answering from the Azores region, please find the link to the correct region on the right side of the page. 

- Link to FISHERS questionnaire for the Azores 

- Link to OTHER STAKEHOLDERS questionnaire for the Azores​ 

You will need the following grid reference maps to complete some of the questions, please have all of these maps available as you answer the questionnaire: 

Azores East Subarea 1

Azores East Subarea 2 

Azores East Subarea 3 

Azores East Subarea 4

Azores East Subarea 5

Azores East Subarea 6

Azores East Subarea 7

Azores East Subarea 8

Azores East Subarea 9

Azores East Subarea 10 ​

Azores West Subarea 1

Azores West Subarea 2

Azores West Subarea 3​

Azores West Subarea 4

Azores West Subarea 5

Azores West Subarea 6

Azores West Subarea 7

These annexes are also available for reference to assist you with completing these surveys: 

- Annex 1 (to discuss if this will be a longer species list?)

- Annex 2 (List of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem (VME) Habitats and Inidicator Species) 


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WKOUTVME - Azores Questionnaires

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