Workshop on Fish of Conservation and Bycatch Relevance



WKCOFIBYCWKCOFIBYCTrueMaurice ClarkeHAPISGmaurice.clarke@marine.ieWorkshop on Fish of Conservation and Bycatch Relevance

Workshop to be held by correspondence (Webex)
16–20 November 2020

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Does ICES really need another workshop focusing on fish? The answer it seems is yes—​at least if it pertains to fish that are rare, of conservation concern, or at risk of incidental bycatch. ICES Working Group on Bycatch of Protected Species (WGBYC) ​has done much good work in recent years to help us better understand the extent of bycatch in terms of rare and endangered fish.  However, there is still a lot to be understood: for instance, many of these species are so rare or infrequently encountered in sampling schemes that it is difficult to estimate the true outtake in various fisheries, much less 'raise' these estimates to the population scale in the way that ICES does for commercial fish.

To complicate matters, ICES Member States now also have obligations under the EU's Marine Strategy Framework Directive​ (MSFD) in relation to incidental bycatch of fish. In order to find a unified solution to this complicated set of issues, ICES is convening this one-off Workshop on Fish of Conservation and Bycatch Relevance​ (WKCOFIBYC)​. The workshop will take place by correspondence on 16–​20 November chaired by Maurice Clarke (Ireland), and is open to those specialists in conservation and biodiversity assessment of fish species, in bycatch estimation, and sampling schemes for species of relevance.

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