The second Workshop on Designing Eel Data Call



WKEELDATA2WKEELDATA2TrueCedric Briand, Jan-Dag PohlmannFRSGcedric.briand@eptb-vilaine.fr, jan.pohlmann@thuenen.deThe second Workshop on Designing Eel Data Call

The workshop will aim to design a data call to all countries having natural production of European eel.

To achieve this aim, the workshop will:

a )    Review WGEEL data requirements and define data quality standards;

b )    Define standards and guidelines for reported data, including analytical methods;

c )     Modify WGEEL data call spreadsheets to make them more efficient for data entry and analysis, in particular create automated tools to extract current data from the PostgreSQL database and send it back to national data correspondents; Those will have to contain both actual and discarded data.

d )    Integrate information on the public status of data. Include questions in the spreadsheet and information cover letter. Modify database and integrations scripts to ensure the storage of this information into the database;

e )    Complete the database suitable for WGEEL data and associated shiny interface;

f )     Draft proposal for eel data call working with ICES (ACOM), EIFAAC and GFCM. The data call to be announced with a submission deadline suitable for the 2019 meeting of the WGEEL, and future meetings;

g)    Set up a server allowing distance access to the database to facilitate the (guided) data integration by the reporting countries. To facilitate this work we aim at: (1) s  et up a shiny / Postgres server hosted in one institute to give access to the shiny interface. This tool would help national representatives from each country to connect to the interface, load their data and apply the quality checks themselves; (2) Set up a raspberry pie to act as a router to get access to the database and shiny app to all users during WGEEL.


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