Joint ICES/EUROMARINE Workshop on Common Conceptual Mapping Methodologies



WKCCMMWKCCMMTrueDebbi Pedreschi, Marcos Llope, Maria Cristina ManganoIEASGDebbi.Pedreschi@marine.ie, marcos.llope@ieo.es, mariacristina.mangano@gmail.comJoint ICES/EUROMARINE Workshop on Common Conceptual Mapping Methodologies

1-5 November 2021

​​​WKCCMM will advance approaches to support inter- and transdisciplinary science via qualitative conceptual models to inform Integrated Ecosystem Assessment (IEA) throughout European seas and beyond. 

The aim is to create good practice guidelines for coherent conceptual mapping for IEA, through scoping participant needs, skill sharing, and knowledge transfer. The ultimate goal is to advance understanding of socio-ecological systems and facilitate practical implementation of ecosystem-based marine management.

The workshop will focus on developing a common understanding on conceptual mapping methodologies, their key uses and limitations, and processes for effective conceptual modelling with stakeholders for a variety of applications (e.g. developing food-webs, socio-ecological modelling, scoping exercises, rapid/initial management action and/or impact evaluations). Discussion will include the use and development of 'strawman' models, exploration of case studies, and proposal of 'best practice' modelling guidelines. 

Although stakeholders will not be able to be included in this workshop, challenges and good practices of stakeholder inclusion will be addressed and the models will later be further refined by IEA groups with relevant ecoregion stakeholders. Finally, the WKCCMM will investigate how the methodologies can be best used to contribute to Ecosystem Overviews, IEA, and to inform/underpin trade-off analyses relevant to ICES and the wider scientific community.

By coupling the platforms and networks of EuroMarine and ICES, the workshop will ensure the most relevant people are reached. If you are interested in joining, contact us​ by 22 October.

If the workshop is oversubscribed, ICES reserves the right, in consultation with the workshop chairs, to select the final workshop participants based on their expertise, and equitable makeup of the workshop.​

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