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Vacancy for the post of ICES Advisory Committee Chair

ICES seeks applications for a full-time Chair of the Advisory Committee (ACOM). The post will be stationed at ICES Secretariat in Copenhagen.
Published: 11 May 2016

​The Chair is responsible for the delivery and strategic development of ICES advice. ICES provides marine science advice to competent authorities at a range of scales and complexity, from single fish stocks to multi-species and mixed fisheries, and is now developing integrated ecosystem-based advice, in accordance with the ICES Strategic Plan 2014–2018.

The Chair must be familiar with the requirements of integrated marine policies, focussing on integrated ecosystem understanding as the basis for policy advice. The Chair must also be able to lead and give directions to the work of ACOM, a committee of 20 national scientific representatives, Vice-Chairs and about 80 alternates, as well as a large expert network that supports the advisory process.

The Chair will interact and work with all parts of the organization. This will specifically include the advisory team (13 staff members), the Head of the Advisory Support, and other colleagues in the Secretariat (54 staff members). With a focus on development of more integrated advice, it will be vital to work across the organization, including with the Science Committee, the Data and Information Group, and Secretariat.

Responsibilities of the Chair

The Chair is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the ICES advice; timely, quality assured and science based, following the ICES process. The Chair must ensure that ICES continues to respond to advisory requests, currently mainly focused on providing fisheries advice in relation to more than 250 stocks, and impacts of fisheries in the ecosystem. The Chair must also be able to develop ICES advice to meet the demands of evolving maritime policies, and supporting the ICES decision to provide integrated ecosystem advice as outlined in the ICES Strategic Plan. Annually ICES receives more than 30 requests for advice on such issues. The Chair will also be involved in drawing up the upcoming ICES Strategic Plan; 2019–2023.

Engaging with the ICES community, its many Expert Working Groups (more than 90), and specifically the ACOM, with the support of three vice-chairs (two specifically dealing with fisheries and one with ecosystem matters), as well as others with the competencies to develop and provide integrated advice is an important task of the Chair.

The Chair will also cooperate closely with all parts of ICES organization by participation in the Coordination Group (General Secretary, Head of Data and Information Department, Chairs of Science and Advisory Committees), to ensure the further integration between ICES science, data, and advice, aiming to promote and organize the provision of integrated advice in the most efficient and effective way.

The Chair will be responsible for maintaining and developing contacts with established and new clients, as well as the identification of new means of cooperation, and innovative ways of delivering reliable advice.

Engaging with stakeholders and promoting communication of ICES process, products, and work to a broad audience is also within the remit of the Chair.

The ACOM Chair will be directly responsible to ACOM, with quarterly reporting to Bureau (executive board) and annual reporting to Council (governing board, comprising representatives from all ICES Member Countries).

Required qualifications and experience

  • An education from a recognized university in a marine biological or environmental science discipline or equivalent, followed by at least ten years of work experience within a marine-science discipline
  • Professional experience in assessments of marine ecosystems, including fisheries assessments
  • Experience with the challenges of converting scientific knowledge into policy advice
  • Good knowledge of the scientific infrastructure, developing advisory needs and marine research programmes in ICES Member Countries
  • Good knowledge of European and North Atlantic marine management policies and their institutional structures as well as demonstrable experience working with a range of recipients of ICES advice
  • Demonstrated leadership, including strategic, and organizational skills
  • Ability to work with people from diverse national and cultural backgrounds
  • Readiness to travel, and the ability to work flexibly to meet the organization's needs
  • Fluency in both spoken and written English is essential


Recruitment procedure

All applications will be reviewed by a recruitment panel with representatives from all parts of ICES organization. A short-list will be developed based on how well applications match the qualifications listed above. ACOM will further refine the short-list by selecting candidates who will advance to the interview round. Based on the interviews the panel will make a priority ranking of candidates. Council will approve the priority ranking to ensure that the process has been carried out according to the established procedure.

Expected timeline:
Vacancy announcement: April-May 2016, deadline 26 August 2016
Interviews: 3-4 October 2016
Council approval: October 2016
Start date: December 2016 - January 2017

Terms of appointment

The appointment will be for a period of three years, with possibility for a three year extension. The position will be based in the ICES Secretariat in Copenhagen.

The honorarium for the full-time post is exempt from Danish income tax and is based on, but not identical with, P5, V of the UN Staff scale. ICES will assist with relocation costs. The Chair will be entitled to the benefits and immunities accorded to officials of the organization as outlined in the Host Agreement. The Chair is independent from the Secretariat and is, therefore, expected to make the appropriate arrangements for pension and insurance.

Copenhagen is a multicultural city with many English speaking work places, offering opportunities for accompanying family members.

While this is a full-time position, ICES is willing to consider the possibility for potential applicants to retain a certain level of activities (extent/duration to be further discussed and defined) of specific relevance for ACOM and ICES. Any activity retained will need to avoid conflict of interest and allow potential candidates to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with ICES standards of scientific independence, integrity, and impartiality.



Applications should be submitted by e-mail to no later than 26 August 2016. Please write "ACOM Chair" on the subject line.

Additional information can be obtained from Anne Christine Brusendorff, General Secretary or Cristina Morgado, Head of Advisory Support.

ICES is an equal opportunity organization committed to inclusion and diversity.

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Vacancy for the post of ICES Advisory Committee Chair

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