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ICES Advice is the publication series containing the advice from the Advisory Committee (ACOM). It is published annually at the end of the calendar year.

​​​​​​​​​ICES Advice is an annual publication of the collective advice that has been given by the ACOM​ throughout the year. It is available both electronically and in print. In recent years, the publication has contained 11 book volumes in total.

Book I explains the conceptual and institutional framework for the assessments and advice. It contains a general introduction to the advice. It also includes advice that is general and not specific to a region.

Books II - X are regional reports. The structure has been further developed towards a regional based ecosystem approach, and each of these books deals with an ecosystem/region.

Book II – Iceland and Greenland

Book III – The Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea

Book IV – The Faroe Plateau Ecosystem

Book V – The Celtic Sea and West of Scotland

Book VI – The North Sea

Book VII – The Bay of Biscay and Iberian Seas

Book VIII – The Baltic Sea

Book IX – Widely Distributed and Migratory Stocks

Book X – North Atlantic ​​​​Salmon

Each of these regional ecosystem books includes an ecosystem overview, a description of the hu​​man impacts on the ecosystem, answers to specific requests, assessments and advice, and stock summaries.

The fisheries advice includes some reflection on mixed fisheries issues in fisheries management. For those stocks for which mixed fisheries issues are known to be minor the advice is given on a stock basis. This applies mainly to pelagic stocks.

For most demersal stocks or stocks where mixed fisheries are known to be important, the advice is based on an identification of the critical stocks and the overall advice is based on the requirements for those stocks. As a consequence of the need to take a fisheries perspective, the advice for all stocks is now given in the area overview section.​​

Book XI is on Technical Services. Services are provided by the ACOM Chair (with the assistance of the Vice Chairs) and/or the Secretariat under the oversight of ACOM. A Service is the provision of scientific information or a process that produces scientific information that managers and policy-makers can use. The service may include recommendations made by individual or groups of scientists, but it does not include a recommendation on behalf of ICES (except to reiterate a recommendation previously agreed by ACOM or former advisory committees).​

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ICES Advice

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