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This survey aims to gather information about specific tools in advance of the AORA EA2OHS workshop on Tools for EBM. 
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In a Interview of Stewart Butterfield co-founder of Slack
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Hannah Baker
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In an interview, Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Slack, says that

"Email isn't going away anytime soon, but improved email integration is something we're focusing on." We want to be in charge of all of our communications. We'd never make Slack an email client, but it's nice to have the ability to send emails to it."

Email is all about commerce.

Yes, you can use Slack to interact with someone on your team, or Facebook or Twitter to communicate with a variety of individuals, the majority of whom are your friends.

When it comes to building business relationships and connecting with clients or partners, though, email reigns supreme.

Although it may appear amusing, email is a more intimate form of communication when it comes to working.

Some people believe that social media is a waste of time. The media was intimidating to push down email marketing. 

It hasn't happened yet. Email marketing surpasses social media, according to around 60% of online marketers.

Email marketing and social media, according to the other 40%, are not the same. Email is preferable.

"at driving traffic and direct conversions, as well as engaging with your fans on social media."

It's not the same as having the same number of email subscribers and Facebook fans.

Retriever Digital's Stuart Marler agrees. Even if your prospects spend more time on social media, your email still has a bigger impact.

Darek Halpren conducted a test to demonstrate the importance of building an email list.

He sent 300 clicks to his website when he sent the link to his Twitter followers, and 4200 clicks to his website when he sent the identical link to a comparable number of email subscribers.

And, as he continues, the disparity between the number of emails you receive vs the number of tweets or Facebook posts you see speaks for itself.

Your message may appear in one out of every 100 emails or one out of every 1000 social media posts.

Unlike email, scrolling through social media provides a lot of distraction.

The actual one-on-one game begins when you pass the initial stage of getting your prospects to open and read your email.

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That is, after all, what excellent email marketing is all about, and you can be the king of it.

Email marketing also has greater conversion rates, which are mostly due to the ability to customise your messages and deliver relevant content depending on many aspects in your subscribers' behaviour.

It's also noted for having a good Return on Investment (ROI).

Email report on national clients

Email has a 3800 percent average ROI, according to the National Client Email Report.

Instead of relying just on social media, you should focus on growing your email list and developing an effective email marketing plan.

For a far cheaper expenditure, you'll get better outcomes.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that social media shouldn't be utilised for marketing; these platforms may be quite powerful in their own right.

You must sort the differences and apply your objectives in the proper order.

Social networking may help you boost your brand's visibility and awareness.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is an excellent way to engage with online prospects, boost sales, and turn leads into customers.

It has a broad reach, can target well, and can be tailored; also, it's an excellent tool for maintaining and developing relationships with prospects.

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