Apr 08
Dana leaving Bermuda

We are now heading out into the Sargasso Sea once again - to continue the work done during the previous leg by Henrik et al. The first leg covered three long transect south of Bermuda. On the second leg we will be heading southeast, covering 5-6 short transects towards the Azores. Cannot wait to reach the first station around midnight.

The journey to Bermuda went fine and yesterday Dana came into St. George's Parish to ex​change crew, scientists, and experience.

Bermuda Tobacco Bay Beach.png

Henrik told me that they had a very nice cruise - with quite rough weather - and a very good catch of eel larvae, nicely reflecting the hydrographic front both vertical and horizontal.

My task on board Dana will be exactly this e.g. to map the hydrographic fronts by operating the standard CTD ​​and the underway U-CTD along the coming transects … more on that later.


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