Apr 03
....working our way through transect 3

​We are working our way thorugh transect 3 which should be in the core area of the European eel spawning area. We had a very succesfull day and night a day ago with our vertical eel larvae distribution sampling. We were lucky to choose a station with many eel larvae - that makes it easier to get a clear picture of the vertical movement of the eel larvae between day and night. In total we had almost 200 eel larvae. However, further up the transect the numbers are only modest. Not several times the Galathea III catch, as we had hoped. So a very preliminary and tentative conclusion is that there are not more mature eel this year than in 2007. Thus, the increase in glass eel we have seen coming to Europe the last 3 years seems not to be due to increased numbers of adult eel here at the spawning area but must be ascribed to improved survival of eel larvae at sea and better transport across the Atlantic . ....but this is only very preliminary - and there are several more areas to be covered and I am especially keen to see the results from the most easterly stations - the eastern limit of the eel spawning area has never been properly investigated before - that will be when Hjalte take over from me next week.


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