Apr 01
New record in eel larvae catch

​The weather has been beautiful today – sun and light wind. We have been at the same position all day and will stay here all night. We are conducting a special study on the vertical distribution of the eel larvae by making separate horizontal hauls at different depths. The result from the day hauls is that the eel larvae stay 10-30m below a distinct maximum algae layer at around 120m. We got a record catch (for Galathea III in 2007 and this cruise) of 34 eel larvae here in one haul and only a few in other layers. We expect that the larvae probably will move up to or a little higher than the algae layer at night time–we will see. Now the new moon is over – yesterday night – we can hope to find eel eggs (never done before) the next two days. After two days they will have hatched and the small larvae might be difficult to find here at sea – that will be for later analysis back home in the lab.




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