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ASC Abstracts 2016: ISBN 978-87-7482-187-8



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ICES ASC 2016 abstracts
Clay et al - Integration of Human Dimensions into WGNARS.pdfClay et al - Integration of Human Dimensions into WGNARSPatricia M. Clay 368R25/08/2016 10:57
DPedreschi ICES CM 2016_R.pdfDPedreschi ICES CM 2016_RDebbi Pedreschi369R25/08/2016 10:57
Drexler_ICES_2016_2.pdfDrexler_ICES_2016_2M. Drexler370R25/08/2016 10:57
Haynie ICES Absract Session R.pdfHaynie ICES Absract Session RAlan C. Haynie371R25/08/2016 10:57
ICES 2016 Runnebaum and Chen.pdfICES 2016 Runnebaum and ChenJocelyn Runnebaum348R25/08/2016 10:57
ICES abstract Pihlajamäki et al.pdfICES abstract Pihlajamäki et alM. Pihlajamäki349R25/08/2016 10:57
ICES CM 2016 Abstract 1.pdfICES CM 2016 Abstract 1Alex Gagne350R25/08/2016 10:57
ICES CM 2016 R Morf Sandstrom Jager SD MPAs Koster Hvaler.pdfICES CM 2016 R Morf Sandstrom Jager SD MPAs Koster HvalerAndrea Morf351R25/08/2016 10:57
ICES CM 2016_R_global demand1.pdfICES CM 2016_R_global demand1Julia Hoffmann352R25/08/2016 10:58
ICES CM 2016-R Abstract Submission Ixai Salvo.pdfICES CM 2016-R Abstract Submission Ixai SalvoIxai Salvo353R25/08/2016 10:58
ICES_2016_theme_RL_final.pdfICES_2016_theme_RL_finalPenny Wilson354R25/08/2016 10:58
ICES_ASC_2016 abstract Grimvall.pdfICES_ASC_2016 abstract GrimvallAnders Grimvall355R25/08/2016 10:58
ICES-Huntington Haynie April 2016.pdfICES-Huntington Haynie April 2016Henry P. Huntington357R25/08/2016 10:58
Ignatius and Haapasaari ICES ASC 2016 Theme session R 3.pdfIgnatius and Haapasaari ICES ASC 2016 Theme session R 3Suvi Ignatius358R25/08/2016 10:58
Kotowicz ICES 2016.pdfKotowicz ICES 2016Dawn M. Kotowicz359R25/08/2016 10:58
Latvia-UL-ICES CM 2016-R-Social-human intergation-ppf.pdfLatvia-UL-ICES CM 2016-R-Social-human intergation-ppfErika Lagzdina360R25/08/2016 10:58
Linke_Abstract ICES ASC_2016.pdfLinke_Abstract ICES ASC_2016Sebastian Linke361R25/08/2016 10:58
Poster_Esther_Schuch.pdfThe Role of Scientific Advice in Political Decision MakingPoster_Esther_SchuchEsther Schuch621R14/09/2016 14:50
Sanmitra Gokhale ICES-2016 conference abstract.pdfSanmitra Gokhale ICES-2016 conference abstractSanmitra Gokhale362R25/08/2016 10:58
Theme session R_How to integrate fishermen knowledge.pdfTheme session R_How to integrate fishermen knowledgeInês Farias363R25/08/2016 10:58
Thurstan_ICES_2016_jmp-2.pdfThurstan_ICES_2016_jmp-2Ruth H Thurstan364R25/08/2016 10:58
WALKER at al., ICES CM 2016-R.pdfWALKER at al., ICES CM 2016-RPaddy Walker365R25/08/2016 10:58