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ASC survey 2016

How would you describe your current position? Student (MSc)
What category best describes your current position? National laboratory
How many ASCs have you attended? 1
Do you serve on a committee (do you have a business meeting at the ICES ASC)? Yes
Are you a member of an ICES expert group? Yes
The ASC currently lasts 5 days, is that in your opinion: Too short
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What was your main purpose for coming to the 2016 ASC in Riga? Networking
If you presented at particular session, was it a poster
Were you satisfied with the number of theme sessions? No – too many
Comments to the number of sessions
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Were you satisfied with the 2 hour lunch break? Too long
Did you find the overall conference programme interesting and engaging?  
Comments about the conference programme
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Did you find the scientific work presented at the theme sessions interesting and valuable?
Comments to the scientific value of the work presented in the theme and open sessions
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The conference programme was available online. Did you make use of it? Yes
Comments about the online conference programme
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Would you participate in an ICES ASC in the future? Yes
Please share any comments you have, as to how we can make the ICES ASC even better in future!
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