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ASC survey 2016

How would you describe your current position? Mid Career Scientist (5-15 years)
What category best describes your current position? Academia
How many ASCs have you attended? 2-4
Do you serve on a committee (do you have a business meeting at the ICES ASC)? No
Are you a member of an ICES expert group? No
The ASC currently lasts 5 days, is that in your opinion: Good length
What was your main purpose for coming to the 2016 ASC in Riga?  
If you presented at particular session, was it a poster
Were you satisfied with the number of theme sessions? No – too many
Comments to the number of sessions
Were you satisfied with the 2 hour lunch break? Just enough
Did you find the overall conference programme interesting and engaging? No
Comments about the conference programme
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Did you find the scientific work presented at the theme sessions interesting and valuable?
Comments to the scientific value of the work presented in the theme and open sessions
There are Hundreds of Surveys available on for consumers who visit more restaurants, shopping malls, stores.
The conference programme was available online. Did you make use of it? No
Comments about the online conference programme
Would you participate in an ICES ASC in the future? No
Please share any comments you have, as to how we can make the ICES ASC even better in future!