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WGLMEBPWGLMEBPTrueHein Rune Skjoldal, Rudolf HermesIEASG10/20/2009 2:17:00 PMhein.rune.skjoldal@hi.no, rudolf.hermes@boblme.org404Working Group on Large Marine Ecosystem Programme Best Practices

ICES Working Group on Large Marine Ecosystems Best Practice (WGLMEBP) provides a forum for LME practitioners to exchange lessons learned and share knowledge.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The group was established in 2010 to provide a forum for LME practitioners to examine broader global ocean issues, emerging challenges, and new methodologies including science and policy breakthroughs in shaping ecosystem-based management. The members of the WGLMEBP include regional coordinators of LME projects, independent scientists and international experts from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The terms of reference are to identify best practices in the selection of science-based indicators for adaptive ecosystem-based management within the framework of the Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) projects. These include evaluating and comparing the principal indicators used as indices for resource recovery, climate change and sustaining socio-economic benefits. Tasks also involve information sharing through handbooks, publications and reports on scientific best practices used in achieving sustainable management and effective governance amongst LMEs.  Other objectives of the WGLMEBP are the evaluation of training and capacity building requirements of large marine ecosystem projects including the identification of providers of advanced training modules for best practices for ecosystem-based management at the LME scale.

A key requirement of WGLMEBP is to address the various Arctic LMEs including those recently established and to review their biology, oceanography and management structures especially in the context of increasing pressures due to climate change and commercial development. The need to develop a workplan for increased ICES engagement in the integrated assessments of the Arctic LMEs is now regarded as a priority output by the group. 

A final goal of the WGLMEBP is to address aspects of the GEF/LME CoP project “ A Global Community of Practice to Improve the Management of Large Marine Ecosystems and their Coasts” and to develop a workplan that will harmonise project components of the GEF/LME CoP and the ICES Science Plan. These include:

  1. the establishment of global, and regional network of partners;
  2. the development of new methodologies and tools to enhance management;  
  3. capacity and partnership building
  4. communication, dissemination and outreach.
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