Working Group on Integrating Ecological and Economic Models



WGIMMWGIMMTrueJörn Schmidt, J. Rasmus Nielsen, Eric ThunbergIEASG4/11/2014 12:54:00 PMjschmidt@economics.uni-kiel.de, rn@aqua.dtu.dk, Eric.Thunberg@noaa.gov740Working Group on Integrating Ecological and Economic Models

The Working Group on Integration of Economics, Stock Assessment and Fisheries Management (WGIMM) couples economic expertise directly with the ecological understanding within ICES to enhance the quality of fisheries assessments and the value of the advice.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ecosystem based fishery management has moved beyond rhetorical statements, calling for a more holistic approach to resource management and to implementing decisions on resource use that are compatible with the goals of maintaining ecosystem health and resilience. Coupled economic-ecological models are a primary tool for informing these decisions. Recognizing the importance of these models, WGIMM has been formed to explore alternative modelling approaches that bring the multiple disciplines of economics, ecology, and stock assessment into integrated ecosystem models.

Although economic and ecological systems are inherently complex, models are abstractions of these systems incorporating varying levels of complexity depending on available data and the management issues to be addressed. The objective of WGIMM is to assess the pros and cons of increasing model complexity to incorporate linkages between ecosystem components and processes. While more complex ecosystem models may provide greater insight into how management decisions and human actions propagate through the ecosystem and impact the value of ecosystem services, the resources and information required to develop and parameterize them is greater, and these models tend to require trade-offs such as inability to quantify uncertainty or model human behaviour as accurately as can be done with models of individual fisheries.

This group was formerly called the Study Group on Integration of Economics, Stock Assessment and Fisheries Management (SGIMM).

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