​Chair: Graham Pierce

Affiliation: SCICOM

The SCICOM Steering Group on Ecosystems Functions (SSGEF) oversees several expert groups whose focus is on the structure and function of marine ecosystems and/or the roles of individual ecosystem components.

​The work of the expert groups overseen by SSGEF is integral to implementing the ecosystem approaches to fisheries and marine management, helping to provide the science base that will allow us to understand and predict the effects of fisheries on marine ecosystems, and effects of natural and anthropogenic changes in ecosystems on fisheries. The expert groups cover wide-ranging topics including physical oceanography, via the biology and ecology of zooplankton, crabs, Crangon, cephalopods anadromous fish and seabirds to biodiversity and molecular texonomy. Although not their primary focus, several of these groups also carry out stock assessment and provide management advice.

Some of the work carried out by expert groups under SSGEF in 2012 included: 

  • The Working Group on Biodiversity Science reported on a case study of North Sea demersal fish sampled by GOV trawl and beam trawl, showing that perceived locations of hotspots of demersal fish biodiversity are influenced by gear type used to sample the fish assemblage.
  • The Working Group on Ocean Hydrography contributed with many papers to the ICES JMS special issue "Variability of the North Atlantic and its Marine Ecosystem during 2000-2009" (July, 2012), e.g. Hughes et al. "Variability in the ICES/NAFO region between 1950 and 2009: observations from the ICES Report on Ocean Climate".
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Species discrimination by DNA barcoding (source: Bucklin et al., 2010)

​Species discrimination by DNA barcoding (source: Bucklin et al., 2010)

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