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SIHDSIHDTrueJörn Schmidt, Eva-Lotta Sundblad, Alan HaynieStrategic,, alan.haynie@noaa.govStrategic Initiative on the Human Dimension

The Strategic Initiative on the Human Dimension (SIHD) aims to develop strategies to support the integration of social and economic science into ICES work.

​​​​​​Marine ecosystem management is a challenge for which we need to be able to work interdisciplinary and integrate different networks, knowledge domains and stakeholder networks in the marine and maritime sectors. ICES has traditionally focused on building a natural science base for its advice on sustainable use of marine resources. The Strategic Initiative on the Human Dimension (SIHD) is working on providing support for the integration of social and economic sciences and the humanities into ICES work.

SIHD is a network of people within the ICES community who are working on providing support for the integration of social and economic sciences and the humanities into fisheries and marine ecosystem science and advice and sharing their expertise within the ICES community.

SIHD aims to identify and bring together existing Ecosystem Based Management related initiatives within ICES, find the gaps, and then pinpoint activities outside of ICES to help fill these gaps.

The initiative will address current research needs based on the ICES Strategic Plan and existing knowledge on the topic. Both integrated ecosystem understanding and integrated ecosystem assessments are core elements of the strategic plan.

Activities, which SIHD is currently undertaking:

​​Activity​Contact person
​Systematically contact (by questionnaire) all ICES EGs (Chairs) to explore where there is a need for human disciplines
Understand how the integration of social scientists can happen/work
Eva-Lotta Sundblad
​Explore opportunities for funding, e.g. COST actionJan Jaap Poos
​Demonstrate the development of an IEA using WGNARS
as a case study; use graphics, simple language to communicate efficiently with the target groups
David Goldsborough​, Christine Rockmann, Geret DePiper​
​Outreach to other organisations/venues/conferences: MSEAS, MARE, IIFET, PICES, IMBEROlivier Thebaud 
Marloes Kraan
​Produce outreach material, poster, leaflet, etc.Nathalie Steins​
​Interact with groups like STECF to understand what the issues in integrating the Human Dimension areSarah Kraak
​How could advice on Human Dimension issues (or within the ecosystem approach) look like (e.g. produce demonstration advice)?​Marloes Kraan​

Develop a global network of marine organisations with interests in “human dimension” – the aim is to set up a platform for communication

Jörn Schmidt​​

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​​Members of SIHD in 2016.

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