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This survey aims to gather information about specific tools in advance of the AORA EA2OHS workshop on Tools for EBM. 
Please enter the case name:
Contact person  (name and email)
Reference to documentation. Please include references to method descriptions and links to reports of the application in management.
Weight loss
Please provide a short description of the case, include a list of aims and the management options explored:
Please indicate the specific geographic location of the case: Health and beauty
If possible, please indicate the geographic extent of the case (e.g. km2) Paris
Please indicate the name of the tool(s) used:
Acne supplements
Please choose a category that best describes  the tool used in the case: Ecosystem indicators
Please describe the data required to use the tool:
Weight loss supplements
Please shortly describe the strength of the tool(s) used in this case:
Please shortly describe the limitations of the tool(s) used in this case:
Please select the best description of how the tool(s) has been applied in management (to date): In process of adoption
Please choose the type of application that best describes the tool:
(Please choose all that apply)
Please shortly describe any visualisations associated with the tool:
(E.g. graphs, infographics, videos)
Please shortly describe any strengths of the visualisations:
Please shortly describe any limitations of the use of visualisations in the case:
Please indicate how much time was spent with managers familiarising them with the tool before they started using it in management:
Could this tool be adopted for use in other areas? Please indicate how easy/hard this adaptation might be:
What data would be required to use the tool in a different case/area?
How much time would be required to adopt the tool for use in a new case?
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Management success: The tool helped to achieve ecosystem targets.
  Strongly disagree Neutral Strongly agreeh 
Please indicate if you agree with the statement: 

Management success: The tool was accepted by the public.
  Strongly disagree Neutral Strongly agree
Please indicate if you agree with the statement: 

Management success: The tool was easy to implement.
  Strongly disagree Neutral Strongly agree
Please indicate if you agree with the statement: