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Henrik Sparholt5/5/2014 14:59Data collection; Eels; Sargasso Sea0 
Hjalte Parner4/24/2014 18:000 
Hjalte Parner4/18/2014 13:560 
Hjalte Parner4/16/2014 10:290 
Hjalte Parner4/8/2014 10:30Sargasso Sea0 
Henrik Sparholt4/3/2014 5:05Eels; Data collection0 
Henrik Sparholt4/1/2014 1:38Data collection; Eels; Sargasso Sea; Weather0 
Henrik Sparholt3/30/2014 3:20Eels; Oceanography; Sargasso Sea; Data collection0 
Henrik Sparholt3/28/2014 1:56Weather; Eels0 
Henrik Sparholt3/26/2014 0:28Eels; Sargasso Sea; Oceanography0 
Henrik Sparholt3/22/2014 18:22Sargasso Sea; Eels0 1
Henrik Sparholt3/21/2014 0:36Data collection; Eels; Sargasso Sea; Weather0 
Henrik Sparholt3/19/2014 5:23Data collection; Eels; Sargasso Sea0 
Henrik Sparholt3/18/2014 3:03Data collection0 
Henrik Sparholt3/16/2014 14:39Life on the boat0 0
Henrik Sparholt3/15/2014 12:52Life on the boat0 
Henrik Sparholt3/14/2014 13:15Sargasso Sea0 
Henrik Sparholt3/12/2014 15:09Sargasso Sea0